General Info
  • Sundays 7 PM Pacific Time
  • 8 week regular season
  • Swiss pairings
  • League Rules
Player Culture
  • Make new friends
  • Get flamed by new friends
  • Be a part of the memes
  • bE a PaRt Of tHE mEMeS
  • Zero entry fee
  • Zero prizes
  • Zero skill
  • Zero reasons to join!

League Admins

Treebeard Benevolent Dictator
The saltiest admin you'll ever meet, Tree is the notorious authoritarian who operated the USYee discord before staging a mutiny against RD2L.

Tyrannosaurus X Sentient Banhammer
TX previously ran the RD2L PST-SUN Discord before auctioning it off appointing a new admin and jumping ship. Believes feeding and making space are the same thing.

h! Secret Asian Man zip
The diversity hire of the admin team, h! got suckered into trying to herd cats and run the draft so Treebeard could stream what he calls "interviews."

Danny 2k player AMA
Probably one of the worst players in the league, and definitely the worst admin. If the website is down, it's probably his fault.